York One World Linking Association

YOWLA was established as a Registered Charity in December 2003 to help people from in and around York learn about and develop links with others, primarily in developing countries.

What We Believe

In an increasingly unstable world, YOWLA members believe that creative links between diverse communities can make a real contribution to international understanding, peaceful co-existence and development.

What We Do

YOWLA supports individuals and organisations through providing information, advice, contacts and resources. YOWLA helps partner groups to raise their profile, share experiences in training, fundraise, organise and co-host events.

York One World Linking AssociationYOWLA will support individuals/organisations who are thinking about, or who are already working towards, developing links with communities elsewhere. It has no role to play in the day-to-day issues of the organisations but can provide advice, contacts and resources (where possible).

The York One World Linking Association (YOWLA) has supported organisations and individuals by:

  • Helping them to raise funds
  • Co-hosting awareness-raising events
  • Enabling them to gain tax relief on donations
  • Negotiating with overseas partners on their behalf
  • Providing information about Linking
  • Promoting events to enable organisations to network with one another
  • Arranging speaker-meetings focused on a particular developing country or group of countries

YOWLA is also associated with the UK One World Linking Association (UKOWLA) so we can also put you in touch with others who may have similar interests in other parts of the UK. Let us know what you are doing, and perhaps we can help make connections for you, both in York and in the rest of the UK.
We would like to be able to share experiences in training, organising visits, fundraising, linking with diaspora groups, etc. and even co-hosting events with you to help raise your profile as well as YOWLA’s.