York Partnerships Benefits

Linking aims to create a relationship between diverse cultures which is of mutual benefit.
Linking across cultures is an effective way of:

  • Learning about others
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Helping to break down barriers in ways that can help an overseas link
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of global issues
  • Broadening and deepening knowledge about other countries
  • Developing friendships and feelings of solidarity with others
  • Strengthening the local (York) community and challenging narrow and distorted ideas about other races and cultures.

It can also be great fun!


If you are interested in working with YOWLA, would like to promote your organisation and its activities, or would like to know more about starting a Link, please contact us.

[email protected]

York PartnershipsYOWLA has been in partnership with a variety of organisations around the world: Ghana, South Africa, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, and Uganda

1st Acomb Boys Brigade

A link between members of a church-based Youth Organisation in York with 1st Begoro Boys’ Brigade, their counterparts in Ghana. In Begoro, within the Fanteakwa District, the Captain of 1st Begoro BB runs the Hope Star International School for needy and poor children in Fanteakwa, which 1st Acomb BB also aim to support.

Gillygate-Ghana Health Link

The initiative of a York medical practice which works with partners in a community in Ghana to improve health provision and training.  This link has now ended.

Khwendo Kor

An organisation which supports the needs of women and children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  and the Federally Administered Tribal areas in the north west of Pakistan.

Running for Life

An individual initiative which is focused on providing a community library and educational resources for a town in Senegal and promoting awareness of global issues among school children in York.  This link has now ended.


The Aids Support Organisation provides HIV/AIDS services to individuals, families and communities in Uganda, and works to sensitise people in York to the situation of people living with HIV and AIDS

The Phambili Project

A link between churches in York and Cape Town, focused on improving the environment and life-chances of children and adults in a squatter camp and its adjacent township. For further details see http://www.haxbyandwiggintonmethodistchurch.org.uk/phambili/


The York Fanteakwa Community Link has now come to the end of its work as an umbrella organisation (encompassing primarily schools and health links). However, the links between 1st Acomb Boys Brigade and Fanteakwa are being maintained been and are now  starting to involve the local community beyond the Boys Brigade in Fanteakwa

York-Sierra Leone National Railway Museum

With the Ebola crisis over, the The Trustees of the Friends of Sierra Leone National Railway Museum have been able to resume visits so that the existing links can be strengthened.